Trevor James Flutes

Award-winning flutes and saxophones. Famous models include the 10xE student flute, popular for its warm rich tone, smooth mechanism and great quality, the step-up Chanson flute with the amazing ‘Voce’ 958 headjoint and the all-silver Virtuoso flute are exquisitely made and have a great array of tonal colours and dynamic range – you have to play them! The spectacular TJ Copper Body C Flute is a light, vibrant and resonant instrument. The Recital series are their top-of-the-line, custom flutes, hand built in the UK. The TJ Wooden Flute is a rather special instrument, a modern flute with design features that salute a bygone era of flute making. Trevor James piccolos, alto and bass flutes are also amongst the world’s finest. Trevor James has always done things differently and is highly praised for doing so, the quality of craftsmanship is superb with a lot of the finishing and setup completed by English technicians and in turn, the quality of the mechanism and importantly the tone is remarkable.

We invite you to visit us to play these fantastic flutes, piccolos, alto flutes and bass flutes to find out for yourself why we love Trevor James instruments!