Trevor James 5x Composite Piccolo

Brand: Trevor James Flutes
Stock Id: 322801

Trevor James 5x Composite Piccolo

Brand: Trevor James Flutes
Stock Id: 322801

This new addition to the Trevor James family is a very free blowing piccolo and ideal for the new piccolo player or those established flute players who are wanting an easy, free blowing and competitively priced instrument.  

It is not always easy for flute players to transition to playing the piccolo, so this Trevor James piccolo has been designed with ease of playing and quality of sound production as it's primary focus. The thinwall headjoint with shaped and angled lip plate enures an easy as well as a big and resonant sound from top to bottom.


  • TJ 5x Composite Piccolo:

    Headjoint: Composite thin wall headjoint with carved lip

    Body: Composite material body tube

    Mechanism: Silver plated

    Case: Included with cover

    Finished & setup by English technicians


HeadjointComposite thin wall headjoint with carved lip
BodyComposite material body tube
Lip PlateCarved
MechanismSilver plated - Smooth, quiet mechanism.
PadsHigh quality pads with accurate airtight seal which is vitally important to the performance of the instrument
CaseIncluded - Wooden case with black fleecy lined case cover

Fine care and attention to the finishing of all key work – carefully worked during manufacture and then double checked by English technicians to ensure instrument looks great to the eye!


Accuracy and tightness of all fitting of the key assembly - Gives a secure and positive feel to the player. 

Due to ongoing product development efforts, specifications are subject to change without notice.