Our Partners

Zenith Music is proud to support and work with a number of music organisations in Western Australia. Here are some of the wonderful partners we currently work with:

Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra (MetSO)

The MetSO is one of Perth’s oldest not-for-profit community orchestras, hosting a diverse community of musicians. Open to people of all ages and backgrounds, MetSO embraces inclusivity in its commitment to the joy and artistry of orchestral music.

UWA Music Student’s Society

UWA’s MSS offers a supportive community for music students at UWA. Zenith provides professional development and networking events that connect members with musicians and instrument brands from all over Australia.

WA Flute Competition

The WA Flute Competition is an esteemed annual event that brings together flautists from across Western Australia to showcase their musical prowess and artistry. This competition provides a platform for musicians to demonstrate their skills and passion for the flute, fostering a sense of community and excellence within the local flute-playing community.

Catholic Schools Performing Arts Festival

The Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and Colleges was created to provide students in Western Australia with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich spirit and tradition of the performing arts.

Fremantle Eisteddfod

Founded in 1982, The Fremantle Eisteddfod is a not-for-profit that hosts one of the most comprehensive competitions in WA classical music. Participants come together to perform and compete in this lively event held in the City of Fremantle.

North of Perth Eisteddfod

The North of Perth Music Festival offers participants valuable experience in public performances and listening to others. The festival is open to individuals of all ages and features diverse categories such as piano, strings, singing, and drama.

West Australian Music Teacher’s Association (WAMTA)

WAMTA stands as Australia's oldest association of music teachers. It’s dedicated to advancing excellence in the teaching, practice, and study of music in Western Australia.

Cottage Music Institute

Cottage Music Institute offers highly-specialised musicianship and singing tuition to students aged 2 to 17 years. The institute also offers mentoring support for music teachers in schools, in both metro and remote areas of Australia. Zenith Music proudly supports the music education of the Cottage Music Institute.

UWA Conservatorium of Music

The Conservatorium of Music at the University of Western Australia is one of the world’s highest ranked performing arts programmes. Zenith Music proudly supports the conservatorium’s music programmes and events, helping to develop and showcase emerging artists.

St George’s College

The Music Program at St George’s College is a dynamic centre for young aspiring musicians and professionals. Young musicians are encouraged and presented with many opportunities to get involved through extensive choral, chamber, and instrumental music programs.

Whilst the program’s primary objective is to support young aspiring musicians, it is also a place that convenes and supports local community groups and student-led initiatives. Zenith Music is pleased to support the music programme at St George’s College.