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Zenith Music holds one of the largest collections of fine instruments in Perth across a wide variety of internationally recognised brands. We stock brands from all over the world and ensure our selection not only passes our benchmark in quality but also playability so that it compliments all types of players.

You can browse through our available brands and the biggest names such as Gretsch, Fender, Blueridge, Casio, Gibson, Bach, Kawai, Cordoba, Maton, Fazioli and many more. The products you see online is just a select range of the thousands of instruments and accessories we have in our store!

Whatever instrument you're looking for, we will most likely have it and our staff are happy to guide you through the selection process. You are welcome to try our instruments so you can get the tone and feel of it and choose an instrument that best suits you.

For more information on our brands or products, contact us or visit Zenith Music today!