Juan Hernandez

Juan Hernandez guitars are among the most sought-after classical guitars in the world. These guitars have been produced by the Spanish luthier Juan Hernandez for over half a century.

Born in Turis, Spain in the late 1940s, Juan Hernandez started his journey in guitar making at the young age of 15 in the Francisco Esteve workshop. He received certification as an official guitar maker and later took on the role of production manager at the Esteve workshop. Currently, with the help of three skilled artisans, Juan Hernandez is proud to offer a limited collection of high-quality flamenco and classical guitars under his own label.

These acoustic guitars are made from premium wood and crafted with exceptional attention to detail and expertise. Today, Juan Hernandez's son has joined him in the craft, resulting in the production of some of the finest guitars available globally, and their work is well-recognised worldwide.