Zenith Music are the ukulele specialists in Perth and stock an extensive range of quality ukuleles for players of all levels, from beginners through to professionals.

We stock Soprano Ukuleles, Concert Ukuleles, Tenor Ukuleles, Baritone Ukuleles, 5 String Ukuleles, 6 String Ukuleles, 8 String Ukuleles, Banjo Ukuleles (Banjoleles), Bass Ukuleles, Ukuleles with Pickups, Electric Ukuleles & Resonator Ukuleles.

Meaning “jumping flea” in English, the ukulele has grown in popularity over the last 100 years due to it being easy to learn and because it is hard not to smile when playing a uke. Their smaller size makes them a comfortable and ideal instrument to travel with. The ukulele is now a classroom instrument in many schools as well as universities and is suitable for all ages. The ukulele is a social instrument and played in groups & clubs all over the world!

Ukuleles come in 4 standard sizes (Soprano, Concert, Tenor & Baritone) and are made from a range of different materials including wood, metal and injection molded thermoplastic.

We have a long history with the ukulele and have actively stocked them since 1969.

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