Vic Firth

Vic Firth is a brand that has been synonymous with drumsticks for over half a century, and it continues to be a favourite among drummers of all skill levels. Zenith stocks a range of Vic Firth drumsticks for drummers and percussionists.

The Vic Firth brand was founded in 1963 by Vic Firth, a well-respected percussionist who had played with some of the most renowned orchestras in the world. After his retirement from performing, Firth turned his attention to creating high-quality drumsticks that would meet the demands of professional drummers.

Vic Firth offers a wide range of drumsticks that cater to different playing styles and musical genres. Whether you are a jazz drummer looking for a light and nimble stick, or a heavy metal drummer in need of something more durable, Vic Firth has a stick for you.

One of the most popular Vic Firth drumsticks is the American Classic series. These sticks are made from hickory, a durable and responsive wood that can withstand heavy playing. The Vic Firth American Classic series features a variety of sizes and tip shapes, allowing drummers to find the perfect stick for their playing style.

if you are in the market for a new pair of drumsticks, be sure to check out the selection of Vic Firth products at Zenith Music.

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