String Swing

Zenith Music takes pride in offering instrument wall hangers and displays from String Swing.

String Swing designs high-quality guitar wall hangers, guitar displays, ukulele hangers, and violin hangers, you've come to the right place.

Keeping your instruments safe and organised is essential. That's where String Swing comes in. With their innovative and durable hangers, you can display your guitars, ukuleles, and violins securely.

String Swing's guitar wall hangers are designed with adequate spacing from the wall for both acoustic and electric guitars. These guitar hangers are also nitro and poly finish safe making them suitable for classical guitar. Plus, they're easy to install, so you can have your guitars up and ready in no time.

If you're a ukulele player, you'll love String Swing's ukulele hangers. These hangers are specifically sized to hold your ukulele securely.

String Swing offers a range of violin hangers that are both functional and stylish. We also stock wall hangers for banjos, cellos, and other string instruments.

Shop our selection today and visit our store to find the perfect hangers for your instruments.

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