Trevor James 10xE flute


Trevor James Flutes are famous for making high quality wind instruments. With their headquarters and technical workshops in Lenham, Kent UK, they have over 40 years experience. 

A flute must sound good and feel good to play and the TJ 10xE passes with flying colours in these areas. 

The 10xE is not a new model, rather one that has been developed over many years and with feedback from students, teachers and professional players has developed into what many consider the best student flute on the market. 

In 2021/2022 we see some new developments with this model and have been lucky enough to have been the first market in the world to have these new models. In Australia, the 10xE now comes standard with a sterling lip plate and riser which provides a better sound and isn’t found in any other flute in this price point. French pointed key arms are now included and provide a more even pad seal on keys that aren’t pressed with fingers. The split E-Mechanism is standard and is requested by the majority of flute teachers Australia wide. Quality Italian pads are used and the flute is triple plated with 2 layers of silver and a layer of copper which makes the instrument harder wearing and also sound better due to the higher silver content. Most other flutes in this level are just single plated. The tubing is Japanese and from the same maker that many professional flutes are made from. The assembly is done in Taiwan by some of the world’s most skilled flute makers and then final setup and finishing is done in TJ’s technical workshops in the UK. This ensures that every flute is optimally setup and playing to TJ’s high standards. No other flute maker in this level does this work. 

Due to the high specification setup and quality components used, the mechanism on this flute is smooth, quiet and fast, this allows the player to develop their technique to be more efficient and precise. 

The tone of this flute is warm and rich across the range of the flute , which suits a wide array of music and is very pleasing to the ear, as opposed to the thin, shrill sounds that some associate with flutes. As woodwind specialists, who welcome and value feedback, TJ Flutes have spent a lot of time developing the cut of the head joint on this flute and have come out with something that is both free blowing and controllable, meaning that it is easy for a beginner to get a nice sound from the flute but remains controllable for the advancing flautist when it comes to articulation and dynamics. Some flutes are easy to play and uncontrollable and others are too resistant and would need a very advanced player to get a good sound out of, the Trevor James 10x amazingly can do both, which is truly a testament to the wizards at their headquarters in Lenham. 

We are extremely proud to represent Trevor James flutes in Australia (as their exclusive distributor for Australia & New Zealand and exclusive dealer in Western Australia) and carry their full range from student to professional level, and have even supplied Andrew Nicholson, Principal Flute of WASO with his handmade TJ Recital flute, who we frequently work with and together provide feedback to Trevor James flutes on the development of their instruments!

You can hear Andrew play his TJ here and watch his interview with TJ here.

For more information on Trevor James flutes please contact Edward Cranfield at Zenith Music / Trevor James Australia today.

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