Are you considering learning a musical instrument, but are not sure if you should? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Here at Zenith Music, we like to say it’s never too late to start learning a new instrument! Below are just a few reasons why you should learn an instrument in 2022:


1. It can be a lot of fun
People around the world have been playing musical instruments for thousands of years now, and for good reason – there is no better feeling in the world than playing an instrument for yourself, for friends, family or a crowd of complete strangers.

2. It can be social

If you play an instrument, you could look at joining a musical ensemble, band or working with other people interested in music, forming friendships and other collaborations. You could also join an in-person or online community group related to your instrument and discuss tips, upcoming events etc. with other like-minded folk.

3. It can be a way to challenge yourself
If you are looking for a new hobby or goal to work towards in your free time, perhaps learning a new instrument could be right for you. And while yes, learning a new instrument can be challenging for beginners, don’t give up! As the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’.


4. Or simply a way to unwind after a long day
Over the years there has been plenty of research into how making and listening to music can help to relieve stress and have other health benefits like reducing a person’s heart rate, lowering blood pressure and elevates mood.

How we can help
Here at Zenith Music, we are proud to be a supplier of a wide range of quality musical instruments from trusted local and global brands. 

Not sure which musical instrument is right for you or someone you know? Feel free to stop by our Perth Music Store or give us a call! Our team are friendly and knowledgeable musicians who are always happy to answer any questions that you may have.