Here at Zenith Music, we are thrilled to announce that we have recently received a shipment of brand new Buffet Crampon clarinets. These clarinets have come all the way from Buffet Crampon’s workshops in France.

Buffet Crampon is a world-renowned French wind instrument manufacturer. They have been in the instrument manufacturing business for nearly 200 years and are one of the leading manufacturers of clarinets and saxophones. Their clarinets are used in a majority of orchestras around the world.

Buffet Crampon has clarinet models for both students and professionals, so no matter what skill level you are as a clarinet player, there’s a Buffet clarinet suited to your needs.

At Zenith Music, we stock a great range of Buffet Crampon instruments. One of our most popular clarinet models is the R13 B-flat clarinet. 

Robert Carrée developed the Buffet R13 B-flat clarinet in 1955. The R13 Clarinet has become the most well-known and best professional clarinet in the world. It has a concentrated and rich tone that is powerful across all of its registers. Due to this versatility, this Buffet clarinet can be used by all types of performers, including soloists, students, teachers, military bands and amateurs.

At Zenith Music, we also stock Buffet Crampon bass clarinets, which play an octave below a B flat clarinet. These bass clarinets have been perfected over years of craftsmanship and research to produce a warm full timbre that is a signature of Buffet Crampon’s instruments.

Additionally, we stock Buffet Crampon E-flat clarinets, which are smaller than standard clarinets, and A clarinets, which are both usually used as secondary instruments to a clarinetist’s B-flat instrument.

The entire Buffet Crampon collection includes other wind and brass instruments including, saxophones, oboes, brass instruments from sister companies Besson, B&S & Antoine Courtois, and flutes from Verne Q. Powell, which are all stocked by Zenith.

Buffet Crampon instrument accessories are also available at our music store in Claremont. If you have any queries about the new Buffet clarinet stock we have, or any questions relating to other Buffet Crampon products, please feel free to browse our website or contact us today for more information.