Deering String Care Package

Brand: Deering

Deering String Care Package

Brand: Deering

What is the easiest way to bring the sparkle back to your banjo sound? Change your strings and keep them clean and smooth! And we have made it an easy task with this string package.

The new GRIP String Peg Winder will make installing the strings of your choice quicker, easier, and more fun. It features two ball bearings for ease and quickness winding your tuners.


  • Peg Winder: New Grip Peg Winder Included
  • String Fuel: Included
  • Strings: Deering 5-String Banjo Strings – Light

Deering Banjos String Care Package

  • Rubber Lined, Dual Bearing Peg Winder
  • Innovative Dual Bearing Construction for Effortless, Silent & Super Fast Winding
  • Safe Scratch-Free & Clank Free Rubber Lined Design
  • Fits & Grips Virtually all Tuning Pegs
  • Ergonomic, Non-slip Comfort Grip
  • Narrow Profile Winder Design Keeps you From Hitting other Pegs on Tight fit Banjos

Slide on a little String Fuel and your strings will be easier to play and have a longer life. This Fuel cleans and smooths with one swipe down the length of your strings.

Light Gauge strings give the same Deering setup as Deering’s standard set up.

This package includes:

  • Two Sets of Deering 5-String Banjo Strings – Light
  • String Fuel
  • *NEW* GRIP Peg Winder
  • Deering Banjo Round Sticker

Due to ongoing product development efforts, specifications are subject to change without notice.