Powell Handmade Custom Silver

Brand: Powell

Powell Handmade Custom Silver

Brand: Powell

Clean, sophisticated, and classic, our Sterling Silver flute has the perfect balance of a true, ringing sound with projection and color. From the ethereal thin-wall flute to the earthy heavy-wall flute, Sterling Silver has an immediacy that allows players to freely express ideas and gestures. Available in three varieties of tubing thickness, .014”-.016”-.018”, each thickness has its own characteristic color.

The brilliance of Sterling Silver gives lightness and freedom. Available with soldered tone holes, all Powell Sterling Silver Custom Flutes have a pinless mechanism with the Modern Powell Scale. Your instrument can be customized with a B or C footjoint, in-line or offset G keys, or a variety of additional mechanisms. Instruments can also be made to special order.


  • Arms: Pointed Arms
  • Body: Sterling Silver
  • Case: Case & Cover Included
  • Footjoint: C or B Available
  • Headjoint: Handmade Custom Headjoint
  • Mechanism: Pinless Mechanism
  • Scale: Modern Powell Scale

Handmade Custom


  • Pitch : A-440/442/444
  • Tubing Material : Sterling Silver
  • Tubing Thickness : .014″, .016″, .018″
  • Tone hole Type : Soldered
  • Tone hole Material : Sterling Silver
  • Rings, Ribs, Posts : Sterling Silver
  • Barrel : Sterling Silver
  • Footjoint : B or C Foot available
  • Gizmo : Standard
  • Scale : Modern Powell Scale
  • G Disc : Available



  • Tube Material : Sterling Silver
  • Lip Plate Material : Sterling Silver
  • Wall Material : Sterling Silver
  • Crown Material : Sterling Silver
  • Style : Lumina, Philharmonic, Soloist, Venti
  • More information : Click here



  • Type : Pinless Mechanism (standard) or Pinned Mechanism (special order)
  • Keywork Material : Sterling Silver
  • G keys : In-line or Offset
  • Cups : French
  • Arms : Pointed Arms
  • C# Trill : Available
  • Split-E : Available
  • D# Roller : Available
  • Open G# : Available
  • Springs : 10K White Gold



  • Type : Straubinger™ Pads

Due to ongoing product development efforts, specifications are subject to change without notice.