Harpsicle Special Edition Fullsicle

Brand: Harpsicle Harps | Stock Id: HARPSICLE-SE-FULLSICLE

We can say a lot of great things about Harpsicle harps but the simple fact is a harp is a tool used by an artist to bring intention into being. The Special Edition Fullsicle™ Harp is the top of the line of our Harpsicle® Line lap harps and is widely in use around the world by extraordinary professional harpers. The bigger, richer voice of the SE gives pros exactly what they have been looking for: an extremely light and portable lever harp of the very highest quality with which artists can work, unhindered, to their full potential. If you could dance with your harp, to what music would you dance? Let a Rees Special Edition Fullsicle™ Harp take you there.

Available in Cherry or Walnut

Made in USA

SE DuoNoStand


Size: Fullsicle (lap harp)

Strings: 26 strings – wrapped strings in lower 8ve

Weight: 2.90 kg

Height: 91.44 cm

Range: 3.5 octaves / C to G

Included: Bag, Stick, String Chart, Tuning Wrench


Special Edition Fullsicle

  • 26 strings
  • wrapped strings in lower octave
  • 6.4 lbs (2.90 kg)
  • 2 year warranty
  • 36″ tall (91.44 cm)
  • 3.5 octaves
  • G to C below Middle C

Due to ongoing product development efforts, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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