Powell Signature Handmade Flute

Powell Signature Handmade Flute

Brand: Powell | Stock Id: POWELL-SIGNATURE

The most affordable handmade flute that Powell offer, this flute has a Sterling Silver headjoint, body, and mechanism. Signature Flutes have a traditional pinned mechanism, resulting in a lighter weight. The tone holes are drawn using Powell’s patented method of extrusion, and each flute bears the signature of Verne Q. Powell. The final mark of quality on this instrument is the handcut Signature II style headjoint, made and tested by the same headjoint makers who make Powell’s Custom headjoints.

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Body: Sterling Silver

Headjoint: Hand-Cut Sterling Silver Signature II

Footjoint: C or B Available

Mechanism: Traditional Pinned Mechanism with Adjustment Screws

Scale: Modern Powell Scale

Case: French Style Case & Leather Case Cover Included


Signature Series


  • Pitch : A-442/444
  • Tubing Material : Sterling Silver
  • Tubing Thickness : .016″
  • Tone hole Type : Drawn Only
  • Rings, Ribs, Posts : Sterling Silver
  • Barrel : Sterling Silver
  • Footjoint : B or C Foot available
  • Gizmo : Standard
  • Scale : Modern Powell Scale
  • G Disc : Standard


  • Tube Material : Sterling Silver
  • Lip Plate Material : Sterling Silver
  • Wall Material : Sterling Silver
  • Crown Material : Sterling Silver



  • Type : Traditional Pinned Mechanism with Adjustment Screws
  • Keywork Material : Sterling Silver
  • G Keys : In-line or Offset
  • Cups : French
  • Arms : Pointed Arms
  • C# Trill : Available
  • Split-E : Available
  • Springs : 10K White Gold



  • Type : Pisoni S2 Standard


The true mark of a masterpiece is always the artist’s signature at the bottom of the canvas. The origin of the Signature Flute is no different. Made as a special gift for a Boston doctor who saved Mr. Powell’s eyesight, the original “Signature Flute” was a Sterling Silver flute made in 1952, #1142. This gift was the doctor’s first opportunity to play a handmade Powell flute. Today, the Signature model is also the first opportunity for many to own a handmade Powell flute.

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