Deering Banjo Care Cloths

Deering Banjo Care Cloths

Brand: Deering | Stock Id: DEERING-CC

Made in the USA, these cloths will help keep your banjo in peak playing condition.  The pink cloth has wax in it for the wood surfaces, the white cloth has a strong anti-tarnish substance, and the grey/white combo is for daily use. The white interior will clean off the light tarnish of daily playing while the grey cloth is a soft flannel with nothing on it to use as a wipe down cloth after each playing session.

Grey Cloth (DEERING-CC-G)

White Cloth (DEERING-CC-W)

Pink Cloth (DEERING-CC-P)


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White Cloth: For Tarnish Cleaning Nickel and Chrome

Grey Cloth: For Polishing Gold Chrome and Nickel

Pink Cloth: For Finish Waxing


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