As of today we are still open, ready for business as usual. We believe that music needs to be accessible to all, more so than ever.

However, in line with recommendations from the medical community, we are implementing a number of tactics to ensure the health and safety of our staff and customers.

1. We are implementing social distancing strategies, meaning that we ask that you are respectful of all staff and other customers’ personal space.
Please avoid touching any surfaces or products unnecessarily, and of course practice good hygiene (thorough hand washing; coughing and sneezing into your elbow; using a tissue to touch surfaces such as door handles and eftpos terminal buttons). Your assistance in this is greatly appreciated. We will be doing our best to keep our store clean through frequent disinfecting.

2. If you feel unsafe, are unwell, in quarantine, or have been around a COVID-19 suspect (even if they seem fine but are waiting on test results) PLEASE do not come into our shop. Instead, please call us on 9383 1422, and we can take your order and will post it to you.

3. Please avoid touching stock in the shop. As always, you are most welcome to try
instruments with the permission of staff before purchasing and to browse our sheet music and CDs.However, we ask you to only do so if you are considering purchasing, and feel free to ask our staff to fetch items for you in order to reduce handling

4. All children are to be closely supervised (not wandering around unattended) and are not to touch anything without express permission from a staff member.
If children are being kept home from school due to virus concerns, they should not be running around in shops either!

5. During these uncertain times, please continue to support your local businesses.
Not just us, but your local cafes, book shops and more. Our community relies on
everyone to continue functioning.

Thank you for your cooperation.